Wednesday, September 13, 2006

I got meself a sketchblog. Wicked!

Ok, so, here's my blog, folks. I'm gonna try to post stuff up here on a regular basis now that I am starting to finally get back into actually drawing stuff after 20 of years slaving away doing interface design. That's still my day job, but the stuff I'll post here is my after hours passion. (Well, that and writing/playing music, but creating a myspace page for that is a bit farther down on my to-do list)

I spend a lot of time on The Drawing Board. In particular, the hot hot hot Caricaturist's Caricature thread. It's where pro and amateur alike post pictures of themselves and everybody draws each other. We have a blast, so you should check it out.

Anyway, here's a quick sampling of a couple of the caricatures that I did...

This is the very first one that I posted up there last year:

This one was done a couple of months ago:

this is the most recent one I posted last week:

and to see all the rest that I have posted, click the banner below. (Bear in mind that it is a flash presentation, so if anybody has any problems viewing it, please indicate as such in the comment section. Thanks

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GM said...

Hey fellow BLOGGER! Yea! For your blog(s) AND for getting away from the daily grind and doing something for yourself!

Cool slideshow and beautiful artwork, is it not amazing to see the breadth (in such a short time) of your work all in one place?

Cya at the CC!

s e simula said...

Hey Greg! Congratulations, you are the very first one here... : )

I know, I'm pretty amazed at how much drawing I've done since stumbling on that thread over at the drawing board.

Thanks for stopping by and for the compliments as well. I hope I'll be able to keep up the regular posting here.

I've been wanting to do this for a long time and when I saw you start your blog i decided I just gotta do it.

btw, I'm still amazed at the one you just did of me... and your little tutorial is pretty cool. I really think I need to check out that program. and soon...

Muffin said...

Good to see this, man! :D Keep blogging. But be careful, - otherwise in a few months you'll start putting out pictures of yourself taken in front of the mirror and photos of your shoes. That's how they all end. :P But be strong!

Oh, and great stuff of course. :)

Craig said...

Great stuff Steve!! Another blog for my favorites folder. :D

Mike said...

grerat job on the blog! Be sure to post a section on your site of caricatures others have drawn of you.

s e simula said...

Craig, thanks for the compliment.

Mike, thanks and yes, I indeed plan to do that. I'm still working on little bug issues and whatnot, but I certainly plan to have a section for everybody's caricatures of me.

This blog stuff is great fun!

s e simula said...

Muffin, Thanks for the compliment and for the encouragement as well.

ha ha, I know what you mean, I've started numerous blogs in the past and not kept up with them til they just die out. I am determined to keep this one going.