Wednesday, October 25, 2006

and... yet another one

Caricature, that is. This one is of HellboyOne over at The Drawing Board.


Muffin said...

not much happening here lately, Neo. I hope you're allright and look forward to see more updates.

Dont give up! :P

s e simula said...

Hey, potential cousin! No, I'm fine, just have been real busy lately and not been getting the chance to do much drawing, but I'm gonna start posting some new stuff soon...

Thanks for the comment, though. :)

Muffin said...

Hehe, ok - good boy.
Glad to hear that, I check your blog quite often and I'm tired of seeing hellboys face! :P I'm starting to have nightmares about him, you just simply have to do something about that I'm affraid.

about the real busy lately - take your time. (: dont choke on it.